Useful Skills that you can learn in 10 minutes

How to use jumper cables to jump start a car battery.
Basic search queries.
Basic Keyboard Shortcuts.
Memorize emergency contact information in case you do not have access to your phone.
Basic sewing.
How to change a tire.
Basic car maintenance.

This is just a short list to get you started on what you can add to your list of skills! Learning how to start jump start your car is such an important skill to have and will likely save you somewhere down the line. That is what is interesting about what we come across in our daily lives and how it affects us in the future. You really never know when anything is going to come in handy, but you will be glad that you put in the time to prepare for that unforeseen moment in life when you will need to utilize a skill. Sometimes you even combine everything you know into inventing something new that maybe no one else has even come up with. Imagine how exciting that would be?